Your Dog Wanna Ride With You

They are often obvious, and you wonder why you have not thought about it. “WILL IMPROVE ONE PART OF YOUR LIFE” is one of those ideas, but it is a flair that can enter the serial production if the project fails. It is DogSaucer, trailer for motorcycles and dogs. Trailers and motorcycles are a strange combination. Separated, both are helpful,  but do not match together much. Even when you add in dogs that combination. However, we will return to DogSaucer. It is a creation of the company DogSaucer LLC. There you can buy many things, from a bumper sticker that costs $ 10 to DogSaucer trailer which costs $ 5,995. However, it is $ 2,000 less than the plan that cost if managed to collect $ 600,000 to begin production. It’s just a formality, right? As of this writing, DogSaucer have collected only $ 110, but it will certainly fail to collect the rest of the money. Have a few weeks to do it. However,  you have to be impressed by the commitment of the innovator, Greg Hudom. Others wonder products found on the market, but certainly someone need DogSaucer.

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