Irish Road Racing Video Onboard

Irish Road Racing represents one of the most dangerous motorcycle competitions in the world. Drive literally rural roads which not suffer any changes during this competition. Despite excessive risk driving, trail minimal protected in case a driver to take off. Duthie some places and concrete walls of the houses are located near the track. A speed is no different of the superbike motorcycle competitions and other competitions that take place in normal racing tracks. Certain parts of the trail passes through 300 km / h. The audience of these competitions also as competitors is at risk and its security is also minimized. This competition begins in far 1902 year. Each year, starting in early March to late November. Trough many cities in Ireland, drive 35 races every week. This competition has taken many casualties during racing.

On this video is the final race of 2011. We have on board from Andrew Courtney’s bike . It can feel the speed, the risk and fear of driving, also overcoming these dangerous curves. Enjoy it…

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