Police “Honda VFR750″ skills on a wet surface

The video shows the amazing abilities of driving on wet surfaces. Rain and wet floor can’t do anything against this police motorcycle even at sharp turns of 180 degrees . Otherwise it is a motorcycle of Japanese police Honda VFR750P. Honda VFR750P  is an sport- motocycle  which is produced in the time interval from 1986 to 1997. The original model is presented for the journalists at the end of the 1985 year, in Jerez, Spain. As a model primarily aimed to improve the previous VFR 700 and show a better solution for the Honda V4 engine, which until then were shown in poor light. Compared with his predecessor Honda VFR750 , shows greater power output ( 105 hp to 83 hp ) and less weight of 20 kg , lower center of gravity , a wider front tire , slightly shorter wheelbase (15mm) with gear driven cams and six instead of five speeds.

This police motorcycle has received very good reviews , and the biggest indicator of this is the award winning six in a row for the best motorcycle up to 750 cc. At the US moto-market , both models 700 and 750 cc were represented by high fees to tax in order to protect the American brand Harley Davidson .Japan is sold in two versions VFR750P ( police motorcycle ) and VFR750K. Honda VFR750F Crank degree instead of 360 degrees, has a crank of 180 degrees. Models VF and VFR use degree crank 360 deg. Compared with the VF750 model almost every component has less weight: rocker arms 6g, intake valve 0.5g, exhaust valves 1.5g, pistons 20g, piston rings 1.3g per set, spring valves 17g. This Honda V4 Engine has proven itself much stable, but it has few known faults, as the gear driven camshaft system.

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