How To Change A Tire On The Road

Even if you care a lot of your motorcycle tires, their life will end one day and you have to change with new. Removing old tires and installing new, can take  additional resources. But instead of going to a mechanic and pay more money, there is a way with one-time cost to provide equipment for you to shifting your tires by yourself. Because of the easy access and availability, the front tire is easier to change than back. For easier access to the tire, use the lifter for  tires and get rid of the cables and bolts. If your motorcycle has a pretty expensive tires that you want to save when moving, you should be careful for their damage from metal tools to use. It takes the sharp tool, carefully pull the tire from its housing. The process is repeated at a distance of several inches, until completely  extract the tire from the wheel. If you change your front tire, you can only use two of the tire irons. Extracting the rear tire of bearing is much more difficult because of the thickness and the tread of the tire. For its removal needs call for all three of your irons. The second iron should act just like the first, only a few inches away, the third will prolong drawing. After that you will check on the edge of both sides of the wheel if  the tire is completely removed.

This was just a short presentation of the steps that you should take when changing your tire, and things to look out for the process. For a complete explanation of the steps, look at the following video..

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