Custom Motorcycles: Dark Bullet

Macco Motors transformed Yamaha CS400 A2A to totally unique model called ‘Dark Bullet’

Macco Motors for a short period of time successfully built a kind of recognizable brand. With their passion and enthusiasm they manage from classic motorcycles to produce unique models full of life.

Their last making proves just that. From Yamaha CS 400 A2A produced in 1978 with engine displacement of 392 cc and power 38 CV managed to make something completely unique, called ‘Dark Bullet’.

Characteristic for this model is that all electricity, which run the engine is removed, only by customer request to be set its kick start. The fuel tank is  CS750’s. With removed battery there must have been set two control modules, one for the ignition system and the other for 8Ah lion battery.Voltage regulator is home maid, and the coils were taken from Jet – skis. Even the final elements are made with style, light with a size of 6.5 inches, inverted Tarozzi semi-elevated clip-ons envy in brown leather that matches the color of the seat and new analog speedo & tacho mini turn signals. Everything else is from the repertoire of Macco Motors followed by their signature.

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