Custom Motorcycle Harley Sportster 48


Kustom Kommune is the first motorcycle workshop and community space in Melbourne, Australia. This workshop is started by friends Richie Baldwin and Jimmy Goode. Their thoughts about opening a place like this is that out there must be other people who would need a space like this. The Kommune started with 100 members and now is up to 350. Now they maintain training courses, started parts store, they are simply moving forward very fast…


After Harley – Davidson donated 1200 cc Sportster 48 the rest was up to the members of the “house”. The motorcycle was put in basic mode, all components that can be found difficult to manage and the electrical systems were removed because of the lack of computer equipment. The rules are clear, only a basic tool allowed. Jimmy picked the team, which sustained an engineer, Hurley expert, welder, electrician and a painter.

XR color palette was created,  the paint design by using XR orange, black and white and plenty of flake to make it really cool. Two Cole Foster tanks were put in play, one of them sliced in half so its use would be as a tail. OEM Harley headlight was installed very close to the forks.

On every axle ABS sensors were replaced, EFI system also, and with Motogadget m-Unit all electrical circuits were controlled. The rear wheel was blanked with one main reason, the Kommune guys wanted chain drive instead the standard belt. And the final piece of the puzzle and the work that all of them make proud are the pipes, which shows how skillfull this team is.


  • Paint;
  • Deluxe tires;
  • Rear frame;
  • Bars, spacers, point covers;
  • Rear sets;
  • Lovered front end;
  • Black leather sit;
  • Hand controls;
  • Fuel tank;
  • ABS system;
  • Belt to chain;
  • EFI to S&S Super E Carb.

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