Biker witnessed a hit and run! Check out what he did next!

A random biker witnessed and shot a video of a hit and run! In the video you can see a car that hit a scooter. When the biker saw what the driver did he decided to go after him, after making sure the scooter rider was OK. As we can see from the video that was recorded on his helmet’s camera the motorcyclist didn’t do anything wrong. Nevertheless the car driver fled the scene, at least he thought he did, acting like nothing happened. When the biker finally got to the car that hit that poor motorcyclist and confronted the car driver, he heard the lamest excuse ever – the hit and run driver explained that he was flicking the finger at him! Yeah, we all tend to run over people who do that to us! The biker then called the police and probably showed the situation recorded on the camera afterwards. The justice was served and faith in humanity restored!

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