Beautiful New Harley Street Tracker

We introduce you one custom made Harley street Tracker. It’s built by Bob Netheron. At first view  it looks like a lovable bike, but when you look at closely  just take it as it lies in the beauty itself. His look is type of perfection. Bob, as a fan of dirt track racing, After seeing the work of Mert Lawwill, realized that he could build bicycles that will be adaptable for dirt track racing, and by the way there will have a good look.

The story of Bob Netheron starts in 70 years, when Bob as a fan of dirt track racing, admired the guys who rode bravely entered and sliding into corners with 100km / h. At that time, the predominant machine where Harley Davidson XR 750. However, they thought, as such a model the engine could be made in a version adapted for the street, and while the concept is no different from the original.

Then come the model HR 1000 Harley Sportster, but this model was too expensive and if it had a weak suspension, so this mode has never become famous and was stoped from the production in 1984.

The dream of  Bob begins to realize that in 2005 Mert Lawwill produces replicas HR factory Sportster. His remarks are limited. Premiums are dual carbohydrates on the right side. When Bob saw this tracker, received a clear vision of how to build a model of his dreams. So he contacted Mert to consult with him about his idea, and  bought more parts of its XR model too. So Bob continued to develop this model and bring it to perfection. At the end, its design and looks are amazing, especially when you watch closely. There is a picture where you can enjoy of this masterpiece of Bob Netheron.

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