1984 BMW K100RS by Paul Hutchison

Inspired by Robrock’s K100 build, Paul Hutchinson decided that he wants to create something similar to that piece. Hutch is from Melbourne, Australia, and is an airline pilot, with a military flying past. After he made the decision that he will take the risk, and start the project, Hutch started looking for a bike. And it’s never easy when you start with anything, he must drive for 1600km to collect the bike he wanted.

The wanted style of the BMW K100RS was а café racer to a street fighter. He started the project with an order from the internet, and the money didn’t spend for nothing, the BSK SpeedWorks rear sets fitted perfectly. It looked like the work was done by a pro.

He gave to a fabricator a tank made of old plastic chopping boards, and he made a perfect aluminum replica of that piece. He wanted the lines to flow smoothly from the tank to the tail piece. After Hutch did the preparation work, Pete, his mate, put some effort and has done the paintwork, with a color from a new range, called ‘vibrance’. The color itself was called ‘hornet orange’. And that is how the bike gets the name ‘The Hornet’.

After he finished the bike, he took to the bike to Tasmania for a ride. And his friend managed to lose the front end while braking into a corner. And that was a reason for a full rebuild. So he decided that he wanted to install a complete K1100 front end. As a finishing touch the headlight was a Yamaha MT-03 unit.

With the Pirelli GT tires and with a new front end, the bike now rides as a modern motorcycle. Great work of an amateur.

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